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Introduction to the IAEN

As the fight against HIV/AIDS moves into its fourth decade, a principal lesson learned is that HIV/AIDS cannot be dealt with as merely a health problem.  Particularly in the hardest hit countries, HIV/AIDS is an issue of development, of economics, and of public policy.  While it remains useful to discuss HIV/AIDS in terms of morbidity and mortality, a solution to the epidemic requires a much broader perspective.  The International AIDS Economics Network (IAEN) provides a global mechanism to debate and inform the vital economic and policy steps necessary to reach a solution to HIV/AIDS.

The principal objective of the IAEN is to assist AIDS economists and policymakers in developing countries to interact more effectively with global colleagues to promote compassionate, cost-effective responses to the global HIV/AIDS pandemic.  While developing country specialists seek to leverage one another's efforts and disseminate best practices, they seldom have ready access to international forums in which to collaborate.  The IAEN provides developing country policymakers with such a forum.

Website and Research Library

The IAEN website is designed to serve the network, organizational partners, members, and those interested in international economics and the global fight against HIV/AIDS. strives to contain the latest information available about reports, publications, and tools in the area of HIV/AIDS and economics. The research library provides resources for members and visitors.  Please send us your latest reports, tools, and publications pertaining to economic aspects of HIV/AIDS so that we can add them to the library.  (Links to published papers can also be posted.)

The IAEN Board of Directors

IAEN Partners